Automotive Sector Risks

The history of the automotive industry is not far away. As a result of the important steps taken by human beings in the field of technology, automobiles could be produced. Today, in the automotive industry, smart machines and robots take place of the work done by human. While these developments reduce the dependence of the... Continue Reading →


Safety In The Food Sector

One of the essential needs of people is nutrition. Increasing population, developing industry and changing life conditions rapidly have increased the demand of the convenience food and its consumption. Today, the manufacturing sector of food products is one of the largest sectors in the world when the trade volume is considered. Sector Risks The food... Continue Reading →

Hazards and Risks related to health and safety at work

Health and safety at work has traditionally been viewed as a developed area with legal regulations. Meanwhile, in recent years, employers and employees organizations representing various business lines, companies and governments have also become increasingly supportive of more different voluntary configuration that will make employee’s health and workplace safety more effective at work. Also, the... Continue Reading →

Fleece Helps You Stay Warm

Today, the demand for polar products has increased considerably. Produced from polyester, The Fleece is a lightweight, bulky and fluffy fabric. Fleece fabrics have the ability of storing air between yarns. So it keeps your body warm. The use area of Fleece fabric is quite wide. Fleece fabrics are used in work clothes and home... Continue Reading →

Stay safe, be visible with Hi-Vis Products

This international standard defines the requirements of high visibility clothes that make the user visible. High visibility clothes are high security products produced with the aim of making the user visible under all kinds of daylight conditions. High visibility clothes have fluorescent surfaces including reflective material separated into 3 different classes:lass 3: The Highest Level... Continue Reading →

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