Stay safe, be visible with Hi-Vis Products

This international standard defines the requirements of high visibility clothes that make the user visible. High visibility clothes are high security products produced with the aim of making the user visible under all kinds of daylight conditions.

High visibility clothes have fluorescent surfaces including reflective material separated into 3 different classes:lass 3: The Highest Level Protection: For people working on motorway, two way roads or at airports. On Minimum 0.80m² floor, 0.20m² Retro-reflective material has to be applied. (5 cm wide reflective tape with a length of 4 meters)

Class 2: Middle Level : It is necessary for ones working in A or Class B roads or also cargo drivers the. On minimum 0,50m² floor, 0.10 m² retro reflective material has to be applied. (2.60mt, 5cm wide reflective tape.)

Class 1: Minimum Level: it is ideal for special way that requires minimum protection need or intersection work etc. that requires high class clothes. On 0.14m² retro-reflective on fabric, 10m2 fabric has to be applied (5m wide and 2m reflective tape)

Our high visible range is consisted of the most creative, technical and elegant products on the market.

Universally, health and safety has become a priority and the use of high visibility workwear has become important among all businesses.

Our wide range of High Visibility has been completely renewed. We assure you that all of our products are complied with EN ISO 20471, the latest version. The new standard has been published in October 2013 and has superseded of EN471.


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