Fleece Helps You Stay Warm

Today, the demand for polar products has increased considerably. Produced from polyester, The Fleece is a lightweight, bulky and fluffy fabric. Fleece fabrics have the ability of storing air between yarns. So it keeps your body warm. The use area of Fleece fabric is quite wide. Fleece fabrics are used in work clothes and home textiles in many product categories. Fleece in clothing textiles; As a coat, as an undergarment, as a neck rest and beret its production is quite high. Fleece is a product which helps to balance body heat thanks to its composition. That’s why fleece materials are preferred mostly in winter.

  • Keeps warm thanks to heat insulation
  • Breathable form
  • Lightweight
  • Does not take up
  • Does not feather
  • Thanks to its easy maintenance, it can be washed on the machine and dried quickly

Stay Warm Even in Winter Cold

In the 2017 winter season coat mode in outerwear, the fleece jacket is highly preferred this year. The Fleece neck rests and the Fleece berets will be the best protectors for you and your employees these days when the weather is cold. The Fleece jackets worn with another jackets or used alone, ensure a comfortable and light use by providing breathing of the body without sweating in daily life.

Ski mask; Your head and your face will be protected against the wind and ice cold! Fleece Snow Mask, snow mask provides optimum heat insulation and moisture transfer.

Undergarments; provide the optimum temperature. Its functional cuttings provide you the optimum movement freedom. Long and sport undergarments are ideal for sports such as skiing.

With the other thermal socks and thermal insoles are alternative options to provide you feel warm.

Polar products should be cleaned separately from other fabrics to block deformed and washed with tepid water. For drying, an open-air or a low-temperature drying machine can be used. The laundry bleach and bleach may never use because they damage the fabric. Dry cleaning and ironing may also be avoided

With fleece jacket, fleece beret, fleece neck rest, thermal undergarment, and thermal insoles you will love rain, autumn and also winter cold. New season fleece jackets with autumn colors wait for you at http://www.ismont.com


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