Hazards and Risks related to health and safety at work

Safety equipments,Work Safety equipments,Work Safety

Health and safety at work has traditionally been viewed as a developed area with legal regulations. Meanwhile, in recent years, employers and employees organizations representing various business lines, companies and governments have also become increasingly supportive of more different voluntary configuration that will make employee’s health and workplace safety more effective at work.

Also, the health and safety performance, quality of products, the after-sale services, transfer healthy and apprehensibly of consumer wise product information and providing of the definite technical safety in working conditions, work environment and the materials used with technology of the companies is not only to fulfill the legal obligations but also benefit the company to increase its reliability and image in public. In textile and ready wear sector, health and safety risks as noise, high temperature, tiring work, chemicals usage, musculoskeletal system disorders may be appeared.

Apart from the as per above hazards and risks related to health and safety at work, heavy load lifting and transport, poor lighting, fire accidents and repetitive movements may be seen as another factors which overhang the health in textile and ready wear sector.


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