Automotive Sector Risks

The history of the automotive industry is not far away. As a result of the important steps taken by human beings in the field of technology, automobiles could be produced. Today, in the automotive industry, smart machines and robots take place of the work done by human. While these developments reduce the dependence of the sector on the unqualified labor force, the automobile factories are one of the major sectors in which a significant number of people are employed. The automobile is one of the heavy sections of the manufacturing industry and more than 80% of the employees of the industry are inherently men.

According to the records of the USA Bureau of Statistics of Ministry of Labor, one of the sectors with the highest risk of accidents occurred is the automobile production field According to the statistics, one of three people working in the automobile industry is subjected to work accident each year. The work accident that every one of 10 people has occurred so heavy that the employee can’t do a work temporarily.

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Work Safety Problems in the Automotive Sector

  • Chemical Hazards
  • Physical Hazards
  • Accidents
  • Machine and Machine problems

Automotive Sector Work Accidents Causes

The furnaces vary according to the size of the work done, the density of the metal to be melted and the type of work done. When the metals are melted, it is used too much temperature. There are so many serious life-threatening risks while molten metal is poured into molds. A molten in over hundreds of degrees temperature spilling from the boilers can spill over near workers, which can cause burn to death or very serious regional burns.

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Used in cleaning the molds and removing the burrs from the molds, can also be very dangerous. While using these machines, the fast-spinning disk may be dangerous for the user.

When the body of the car is assembled, it is used some cutting and correcting machines on the assembly line. Cutting discs are used for burrs formed after welding and other places to be fixed during the assembly of the bodywork. These can cause cuts, deep tears or even torns.

When the all metal parts of car is done, it is sued some methods such as melting, molding, pressing and etching methods. Meanwhile, it is especially exposed to gas, evaporation and chemical dyes.

Conclusions and Suggestions

Dusts and situations as especially originated from silica and asbestos are very dangerous. Workers working in this area must minimize their contact with these dangerous dusts and gases by using respiratory protective devices as well as respirators and masks. Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment is very important in this area.

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Many cutting and abrasive machines and tools are used during production. Against cutting, cut-resistant gloves to protect hands and body and protective soles and pads in (such as shoe soles, steel toe etc.) should be used.

During welding, sparks, burrs and UV radiation during welding are extremely dangerous for the eyes. For this reason, 3M glasses,shields and welding helmets should be used during welding.

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